A Whole New World…

God mercifully opened my eyes to true repentance, basically, in one day.  After four years of nearly constant intercession on my behalf, my precious mother’s prayers paid off, big-time.  Then she no longer “worried” about me – before she died, she told me so.  Praise God.

I was finally back on God’s side – He’d never left mine – and the continuation of a life of JOY and love in Jesus Christ could finally take shape.  I’m blessed to be able to share the thrilling, heart-rending, astounding, and priceless details of all of it with all of you in this new blog!

Visiting the realms of angels instead of demons was a welcomed change in my heart and life, to say the very least!  But seeing Godly things and learning from them was as much of a process in discernment and maturity and identity in Christ as was seeing into the demonic.  Expanding views and widening scope of vision into the heavenlies was also accompanied by God’s wisdom and commissioning in the Seer Designation being imparted to my soul and heart and life.  Lots to tell here, beloved… hang on and press on and pray for me, for the best is yet to come!


Sharon Joy Gramling

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