Family Unties

As the years passed, it became more and more apparent that I would not see members of my earthly family ever again.  While (at first) I was saddened by this, I was not disconcerted; I wanted to press on toward Jesus, and they did not.  Christ indeed does bring a sword to family life and life in general, leading us all to the place where we must choose between good or evil ruling our lives.

Their choices were different from mine (that’s an understatement), and I decided to walk through every unknown door with Christ. I may not have known the details or itinerary of my assignment in Him, but I believed in my journey’s ultimate destination.  I still do and, by His power, I’ve glimpsed a bit of it.

It’s been roughly 26 years since I’ve spoken with any of my siblings, and I’ve undergone much deliverance regarding them.  The mourning of lost relationship has been accomplished, although it took the better part of those years, and I understand more now than ever what Jesus meant by this,

“For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.” (Matt. 12:50)

I’m sure many of you have Christian friends who are closer to you than so-called blood relations.  That’s because – once you truly belong to Jesus – it is the Blood of Christ that runs in your veins; you’ve been given a blood transfusion and are no longer heirs of death, but of life.  All who choose the enemy and his ways are none of God’s, but those who choose life in Christ are become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, according to the scriptures.

The enemy’s henchmen have reached me too late with lies of being of “the same blood”; that’s nonsense, and I know it.  I have left all for Jesus, and I have gained all in Jesus, having landed on the righteous side of Christ’s sword.


Pastor Sharon