God’s Affirming Voice

Last night the Lord put it on my heart to make this specific point with all of you today:

Hearing prophetically from God on a regular basis has been absolutely invaluable to me.  My growth in Him over the years has depended largely upon hearing God’s voice personally and from His prophets.

Apostle/Pastor Nancy E. Snyder is a prophet of God, tried and true; she mentored me through the process of understanding and hearing His voice more clearly – literally picking up with my life and walk with Jesus where my mother left off.  Godly leadership is essential to Righteous growth, and the Father gave me everything I needed in this regard, such that there is no excuse in my life for following any voice that is not His.  His prophetic works through my mother, through Apostle Snyder, through my sister in Christ, Lynette Joyce, and His voice to my own spirit have been MAJOR keys to my growth, maturity, and launch into His full-time ministry with confidence in His abilities on my behalf.

God’s constant affirmations shored me up in the weak and weary places, enabling me to confidently expound upon His truths and testimony in my life. I’m here today because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ manifested beyond doubt or wavering in my life due to loving prayers, counsel, faithfulness, obedience, deliverance, and persevering love.  Period.

What About You?

Are you willing to obey Christ’s will for your life no matter what?  No matter from whom it separates you?  No matter the life changes it brings?  THAT’S A DEEP QUESTION, friends.  I’m here to tell you that all you need do is ask God to give you leaders who genuinely hear and obey His voice, then yield… that means, keep saying “YES” to whatever He asks of you… for He can be trusted with your well-being and with your certain good birthed from His unfailing LOVE.

Seeing in the spirit is part of what He’s asked of me.  Communicating His true heart to the multitudes IN HUMILITY – surpassing intellect and fleshly standards – is also what He’s asked of me; and thus far it has accomplished continual crucifixion of my flesh, burning it to the ground.  That’s the cost, beloved… everything of the flesh.

But by His Power I have said yes to His will and will continue saying YES, no matter what it costs me. (I cover that truth and declaration with the Blood of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or his minions any access to it whatsoever, in Jesus’ Name.)  By His Power, I will continue yielding to His Purpose, Plan, and Directives for His HUMILITY to overtake my life, so that the best is yet to come.  The more God’s humility possesses our hearts, the more mature we are; understanding that truth is CRITICAL to pleasing Jesus.

Lord willing, next week I will share a very powerful vision He gave me at the home fellowship I attended during my training, strengthening, and further growth in the Seer gifting and designation.  It concerns Christ as the Prophetic Eagle…

Until then, the Lord bless all of you!

Pastor Sharon