I Saw Those Days Through Ma

In a slight divergence from the main thrust of this blog, I am honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by sharing a Daddy’s Girl post giving glory to the God of the “Dream”.

I wasn’t born until 1965, but my mother lived every moment of that oppressive era and saw its impact on black people in the south (where she was born).  So, growing up, I saw those days through her eyes.  She told me many stories of the horror that seized heart at the mere sight of the Mason-Dixon Line back then, because she knew that  Jim Crow laws instantly transformed her from a human being to an animal in the sight of law enforcement officials and white citizens in the land beyond that physical demarcation.

Her accounts riveted me.  My mother was 3rd cousin to little Denise McNair – one of four black girls killed in a church bombing in the fledgling days of the movement.  (McNair is my mother’s maiden name.)  So, to her, the unfolding history often erupted vividly with life-changing experiences.

I wrote this post back in August 2013 on the 50th anniversary of the speech which cushioned the enormous seat of change for minorities in this country, all through persevering faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s called, “Blessing God for the Dream”.

Have a great week, everybody.

Pastor Sharon