Answering Love’s Call

Contemporary Christian music artist Matthew Ward (formerly of 2nd Chapter of Acts) sings a song I’ve adored for years titled, “Love”.  It’s all about Christ’s love calling out to him through his mother’s prayers and finally winning his heart.  Christ’s persevering love within his mother is tenderly extolled and appreciated throughout the song’s gorgeous rifts and melodies; its lyrics always bring my own mom’s love streaming back to me in the salt of grateful tears…

“My momma’s heart
was crying out for my release
It took years for me to be
finally free
Her prayers were answered,
though she never lived to see…

Love was calling out my name.” *

Finally, I had answered the Lord’s loving call.  THANKFULLY, my sweet mother DID live to see my rededication to Jesus.  I cannot adequately express how glad I am of that!  (Before she passed over, she told me she no longer “worried” about me… surely, my heart’s relief matched hers as closely as ever that day.)

After repentance and restoration, God graciously granted me six more years with my mother; miraculous ones I’ll never forget.  During that time, He supernaturally healed one of my siblings of placenta previa after my mother laid hands upon her in prayer; He miraculously provided funds to pay the tax bill on our homestead (read this Daddy’s Girl post for the detailed testimony!); and, greatest of all, he caused my earthly father to transfer the deed to our homestead and property to the joint tenancy of my mother and I before he left our family forever.

Breakthrough after breakthrough and encouraging, faith-building miracle after miracle flooded into our lives as the power of agreement was restored between us; and my nephew Reuben was loyal to us throughout.  We were three in the hands of Jesus – and we were joyously and peacefully living to live again!  Hallelujah!

Pastor Sharon

*1992: Matthew Ward Collection (a.k.a. The Best of Matthew Ward)(Benson)