Experiencing the Angelic

(This is an excerpt from a “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision” post I believe will bless you. Access the complete post here.)

The visions the Lord has imparted to me concerning the activities of His angelic host over the years have focused me and delivered my mind from preoccupation with earthly things.  He has healed me through the seer gifting and through allowing me to grow in the understanding of what it is to be designated as a Seer in His Kingdom.

The first time I recall truly being impacted by the sight of an angel’s wings was during church service at Jehovah Shammah when its home was still in New Jersey.  It was one of the first times we “ascended” as a group to the Heavenly realm, which required dimensional travel.  To keep us safe and properly escorted through the second heaven (where there is demonic activity), angels of dimensional travel were assigned to our ascent.  One of the beings particularly caught my attention as he lifted what seemed to be a transparent, holy bubble – containing us all during worship – up out of earth’s atmosphere.  We rose up, in the mighty angel’s  hands, through the roof to the outside and up into the sky!

This angel was for sure… meaning he was no joke, baby.  His arms were double the size of oak tree trunks, and his body was long, thick, and sturdy like a steel building; he was at least 25 feet tall.  But for me, the coolest thing about him was his wings!  Their span was easily 60 feet, tip to tip, and they were connected to a base sticking up from the angel’s backbone as thick as a telephone pole.  So, picture the angel laying horizontally, like superman, but with a four-foot pole sticking out of his back (it literally was part of his backbone), and then these HUGE, fully formed, gorgeously powerful wings extended from that pole flapping mightily to propel the giant being!

HO!  Hallelujah!!

With every thrust of his wings the universe shook!  It was like the sonic boom of the sound barrier breaking a thousand times as his wings “see-sawed” in space, enabling our propulsion from earth to Heaven with incredible breadths of wingspan penetrating the layered atmosphere by God’s holy command.  Indeed… ALL THIS TAKES PLACE in the spirit realm as Saints worship and praise God with whole hearts fixed upon Him.

The angel wore simple garments; a tunic which appeared white at first and then pink as he lifted us to his holy destination.  His hair was fashioned simply, in what beauticians of old called the Page-boy style, surrounding his face; and his eyes were fixed on the bubble he was lifting, full of the saints, united and precious to God – and he knew this, I sensed it from him strongly as he concentrated on fulfilling his task before Abba.  The sight of him marked me forever – a privilege I count as one of the greatest in my life.

Daddy regards the obedience of His Holy Angels as priceless and precious before His Throne.  We are indeed the Redeemed and blood-bought members of His Royal Family, but make no mistake, my friends, He LOVES His Angels.  He prizes their obedience and loyalty and talents as fine gems, costly and clean (pure)… beloved in His sight.

Pastor Sharon