His Visions Deliver and Heal

One of the earliest recollections of wonder and amazement I drew from seeing into the realm of God’s heavenly hosts was spotting one of the angels guarding the entrance to what we now know as the “Glory Realm”. Yep, there most certainly is such a place, and I will be grateful for all eternity that Abba revealed such intricacies of portions of its earthly boundaries to me.

As the cobalt-blue of the realm was revealed to my eyes, along with it I’d see a HUGE banner being waved back and forth and in circular patterns in front of what looked like an actual gateway.  The Lord told me the powerful creature literally guarded the entrance to the realm of intimacy between God and man, and that – at least for a season – I would be allowed to see his activities to alert me to our ascension into that realm.  I happily passed that information along to those gathered in our fellowship worshiping God.  To say the least, everyone was highly encouraged.

Friends, please never think you’re acting silly when you giggle like school children over the miraculous revelations given to you by God.  It’s only the enemy and the flesh that would try to make you feel foolish.  The truth is that Abba LOVES our child-like reactions to His gifts in revelatory power!  It’s like watching our kids open our gifts on Christmas morning… the highest level of delight for us is seeing their JOY, isn’t it?  Well, that’s also how it is with the Godhead; They take SUCH pleasure in our fascination and hunger for the things of God’s realm!  Always remember…

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

One of the best parts of these happenings for me was that (and is that), as I focused on what God was doing and my heart and soul were completely yielded to His will, He was enabled to bypass “my understanding” and “my intellect” and defenses.  My soul was stirred for exposure and deliverance of sin and mistakes and wounding; my yielded state made it easy for God to peel away layers of self-protections and fearful structures so that Holy Spirit could scoop the wounds clean and apply Christ’s soothing, healing salve.  No “ripping and tearing” to my emotions – only gentle, yet powerful, exposure and removal of encumbrances as my soul trusted Abba in the midst of His realm’s riveting activities.

No one can handle us like the Lord, my friends.  As our God and Creator, He knows exactly what each of us stand in need of, and He awaits with patience and earnest expectancy the fullness of time to meet those needs.

HALLELUJAH! is all I can say about His greatness and power and all-consuming love for each one of us.  Bless His Holy Name!  Amen.

Pastor Sharon