Ups and Downs

Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t heal anything… only God heals.  Although I’m grateful for it, the truth is all time does is pass as God brings us further into healing, if we allow it.

There are octogenarians bound up in their hearts and minds such that productive, life-giving relationship with God or anyone else is nearly impossible.  Roots of such behavior go back to severe loss or trauma of some kind. If healing were accomplished purely via the passage of time there’d be no trace of their bondages; but that’s not the case.

Only God delivers and heals.  Period.

So, I couldn’t tuck my grief into a convenient montage skipping over weeks and months like rocks on a lake.  I had to hurt because pain was still in season, but I was allowed to squeeze my Heavenly Father’s hand as hard as I could through it all.  Death is an enemy, and grief is its grim, gaunt offspring.  There’s nothing good about either of them but, because of the fall of mankind, both these things invaded God’s perfect universe.  Just as Abba made a way for humanity to be redeemed, He can soothe us and bring us out of deep suffering when we’ve lost someone to death.

Losing my mother almost killed me.

God held me above the waters threatening my demise as long as I kept my eyes on Him, but sometimes I sank beneath the roaring waves and needed His hands to guide me back to the surface and totally away from shivering seas.  The process wasn’t easy, and healing was accomplished by His powerful mercy – not by time.

God understands that we have ups and downs when we’re grieving and stepping back into life simultaneously.  It’s a complicated process.  I testify in the Name of Christ Jesus that holding on to the Godhead is the only way to come through it in health.

Beloved, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about grieving; don’t let the enemy tell you that you’re not strong in faith because you cry every other day while moving through seasons of mourning.  Put yourself into God’s plan for your emotional and spiritual exposure and cleansing, and realize that Abba’s strong shoulders are meant to be squeezed, leaned upon, and soaked with our tears.  I gave them quite a workout as He held and healed me… I’m so glad I did.

Lord willing, more next week.  God bless you.

Pastor Sharon