Better Equipped in Hope

I saw very few demons during the six years my nephew and I enjoyed with Ma before she went to Heaven.  It was a nice break.  But after her death, I began cleaning areas of the house to freshen things up and repaint; when I got to some top shelves in the downstairs bathroom and began bleaching them, I had a spiritual encounter.

The bleach started frothing – literally taking on lathery substance – as I wiped.  Suddenly, a strange, sickly, almost dizzy sensation came over me and I stepped down to the floor. I saw an image take shape just outside the bathroom door.  Silently, eerily, and all-too-clearly it took on animated edges – like watching a silent movie – and I recognized the starring apparition.  It was my earthly father, holding a 12-gauge shotgun of the kind which sat inside my parents’ bedroom throughout my childhood.  The “spirit” looked at me, picked up the gun, and pointed it directly at me, readied to fire.

As I stood staring, it dissolved into the atmosphere like dissipating suds.

Then I remembered Ma once told me that whenever evil devices are disturbed (knowingly or unknowingly), those who “planted” them will show up, one way or another.  That’s what happened to me that day.  I had disturbed the man’s “stuff”, so his “spirit” showed up.


Even though it was an unpleasant and somewhat sobering experience, I am thankful for what my mother taught me about that and myriad other elements pertaining to the dark realms.  I believe it is important that we know our enemies as the Lord reveals them to us, for He knows them thoroughly.  God links what He teaches us to the discernment He’s granted us, and we become wise “in Him”.

After that experience, I felt better equipped in hope.  My confidence that God would keep me through every encounter and remind me of what His Spirit has taught me was strengthened and reinforced.  I also knew the seer gifting had not left me and, truthfully, I wasn’t thrilled about it.  But I trusted God more and more that whatever He would make of this gift (and designation), He loved me and I would be all right.

Pastor Sharon