First Readied to Receive

Mondays are kind of a “day off” for me.  My weeks are usually packed with online ministry, though not at all stressful.  They also drip with thoughts and closeness to God (of which no one can get too much), and gobs of writing in many forms.  Anyway, most everything starts later for me on Mondays because – during the 27 years I worked outside the home – I promised myself if ever I was granted opportunity to work inside the home, Mondays would be mine to schedule as I chose.  God has honored that request (and I cover the testimony of it with Christ’s Blood).

Purposeful Insight

So, today I’ve been thinking about how it often feels when angels are revealed to me.  I’ve been thinking about how God has revealed their realms to me in generous glimpses as my spirit-man could withstand, and how “safe” and “loved” and “hungry” seeing His works through them also made me feel.  That our spirit and emotions connect with the truth of our state of security in Him is of paramount importance to God.  Stepping over into the world of His existence, and not seeing demons regularly, brought an acceptance and worthiness to my soul little else could have, and God knew that.  Escorting me into the Seer “designation” and its promising environs of God’s heart cut through the dark curtain of fear and insecurity (and doubt of my true value and self-worth) and sat me down at Abba’s feet.

The more I “let go”, the more God “let go”.  The closer He drew me to His heart, the more I opened my heart because – deep within – I knew I could trust Him; I knew He was worthy and would not harm me.  Holy Spirit was entirely responsible for that.

At The School of the Spirit in Philadelphia one weekday, I saw His angels stirring around the room in glory-blue colors.  I didn’t realize exactly what I saw at first, but it was thrilling to my soul; it was fantastic and I knew it was of Jesus and His work.  I believe God caused this to register to my heart particularly because (several months earlier) during service to which our fellowship was invited, Jesus walked down the center aisle of the humble edifice and stood among us… and I saw Him and gratefully reported it.  There is residual substance in the essence of Jesus that stays with everyone graced with His presence, whether we “see” Him or not.  He leaves His essence in Peace and recognition of the things of Him with us, and those essences are picked up by our spirits whenever we experience Him again – ethereally or not.

Trust Breeds Trust

So I knew Him and His work and substance as the angels appeared and swirled all around me (and us) in The School of the Spirit that day.  God’s love and constant Presence with me through prophetic words (at that point, mainly through Pastor Nancy) had processed me to the point where I was ready to enter the realm of His Life, overflowing.  I realized life had radically changed for me, and I was stepping further and further away from seeing the demonic on (at least what seemed to be) a daily basis; no superlative can adequately relay my JOY at  watching them fade…

God had a LOT more ground to expose and reclaim within me, certainly; but His gentle urgings of my spirit to trust Him more, and the revelation in vision He’d granted me in successive splendor kept my heart open for His intended, future works.  His hands continued massaging me through the reward of being closer to Him than ever, and I responded to His tenderness with obedience enabling me to go ever further into His realms… and into healing.  Amen.

Pastor Sharon