Day by Day

When you’re grieving, time stands still.  As the healing continued, things moved along more quickly and there were many avenues and opportunities for relief.  In truth, many of them came through Christian television.  I remember calling Marilyn Hickey Ministries and asking one of their prayer partners to pray for me.  As I sobbed to him, explaining my plight and feeling helpless, I’ll never forget the consoling words as he prayed…  “Lord, we know that those who look after others will, themselves, be looked after…”  Seems simple, but that meant so much to me in terms of hope and of the faithfulness of God.  That young man – whoever he was – greatly encouraged me that day, and God’s Holy Spirit comforted my soul.

The Lord knows just who to send to accomplish the comfort, growth, and development of love relationship between He and His children.  The days and nights without my mother grew easier to take, though I was still grieving her loss.  God began teaching me how His Spirit could fill those dark and dense places of would-be depression and give chase to demons of abandonment.

I needed constant affirmation and strengthening, so the Lord and I proceeded, day by day, into the “Son”-shine of His loving plans for me.  I knew He loved me, and I knew there was something more to relationship with Him.  I  also knew I was going to find it out, no matter what it cost me.  I was going to finally fully discover, for myself, this God of my mother’s… this loving God, of mine.

Pastor Sharon