“Little” Miracles?

Back then I’d lost my mom, my job, and my car from May to August.  I felt it was a trend I’d never outgrow.  God has taught me, mercifully, since then the fallacy of that belief.

My mother being sublimely happy in Heaven was an immediate healing He brought to me (though there was a long way to go in my emotions).  The job I lost was simply due to the newspaper ceasing publication.  I’d learned how to copy-edit AP (Associated Press) style while I was there, and I honed already excellent command of English into razor-sharp, to-the-point, composing ability; to God be the complete glory!

God replaced my car with a good little automobile I bought for only $2,000 and absolutely ran into the ground in the following year driving to and from BOCES classes, bettering myself and my resume before job hunting.

Those three very significant, little miracles (is there really such a thing as “little” miracles?) were soon followed by one BIG miracle straight from God, when Medicare covered every penny of Ma’s $10,000 medical tab!  YEEHAW!  To say the very least, I was thrilled to hear payment would not be required of me since Ma met age and other prerequisites necessary to qualify for full coverage.  Our God knew this all along!  Hallelujah!

After the threatening storms of my mother’s passing, car loss, and job loss I’d felt like I might actually drown.  But God reached out and down to save me.  He pulled me in and up by His restorative power, and reminded me where I belonged and that I was deeply loved.  Oh, how I desperately needed that!

Ever been completely rescued by God at the very last minute before you “give in” to your trials?  Of course you have… and you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I unashamedly bless His Precious, Holy Name and say that if it had not been for the Lord, my friends, I most assuredly would have been lost, dead, and in Hell YEARS ago!


I bless and Praise His Perfect, Precious, Holy Name.  Amen!

Pastor Sharon