The Breakthrough: Part 2 (Home at Last)

Friends, Monday I enjoyed a restful Labor Day here in New Jersey, and I pray those of you in America did also (and that the rest of you had a blessed day in general).  I appreciate your patience through yesterday’s respite, and now here’s this week’s brief post for your continued edification and blessing.

When I left that horrible situation, God’s mercy and favor went with me.  Immediately, I took a very small third-floor apartment across the street from one of my siblings; a close friend of hers was my landlord. 

I brought my mother to the new place and began my prodigal confession.  As I took her into my arms and literally begged her forgiveness for all I’d put her through, she opened her arms also, to receive my embrace.  She didn’t back away; she opened up both arms and enveloped me with tender intent and sincerity.  I’ll never forget that.

Much later I realized that she had asked the Lord if there was true repentance in me, and He’d confirmed to her there was; I’d hurt her so much, so many times… IMO, her inquiry of God was wise.  So she received me with no malice, only relief and a kind of tentative curiosity, I think, about this care-worn baby girl with whom she was becoming reacquainted.  I’d been gone for so long… but her acceptance was marvelous and miraculous.  I don’t know that I would have shown such willingness to forgive.  Again, I’ve never forgotten the ease of actual reconciliation we enjoyed that day.

I also recall the feverish determination coursing through me with which I vowed to rededicate my life to God and return to His ways.  I was 21 years old and – to this day, by His power – I haven’t looked back.

Pastor Sharon