And the Travels Continue…

Friends, the story of my journey to full realization of my identity in Christ continues as my life continues.  I have greatly enjoyed sharing details of its early development between this blog and part one of my testimony in the new eBook titled, “How Did I Get Into This Family?” available now through this link.

The best revelatory truths and testimonies of my acquaintance with the Father Heart of God appear in the highly blessed lead blog titled, “Daddy’s Girl”, while details of my encounters in the supernatural realms of God’s Heavenly host are contained in the blog titled, “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision”.

A link to that blog is located in the top menu, my friends; it’s sure to bless you!

Thank you for all of your visits to this blog.  Although this is its last live post, the blog will remain here for your reading pleasure until God asks me to take it offline.  I look forward to your visits to Daddy’s Girl and Beyond the Veil… GOD BLESS YOU!

Pastor Sharon


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