Their Everlasting Arms

The more I realized there was really “something more” to the regular worship of God in church, the more I desired to step further into the light of the truest representation (or revelation) of His heart.

Craving God is an overpowering facet of His love that brings out the greater knowing (acknowledging) of our spirit-men who are totally in tune with Holy Spirit.  The closer I got to Yahweh, the more His fragrance radiated from me, and the brighter His garments shone upon me.  To be honest, this totally freaked out my flesh!

The flesh can’t handle anything of the Spirit of God and, when I experienced prolonged visions and encounters with God, my flesh needed rehydration and complete rest afterward anywhere from a few hours to even days at a time! As I write this, I know there are many reading who have experienced what I’m saying… and it changes you forever to be exposed to such levels of God’s power.

The personal aspects of His fellowship in the Spirit are always what I crave most, having been starved for a “father” in my youth.  Abba can fill every part of that, and He is not annoyed, embarrassed, or put off by my intense desire to just hold on to Him and fall all over Him with tears and kisses.

I remember being brought to the point of such intoxication with our meetings and their fulfillment of my soul that I asked God (more like beseeched Him) to confirm to my spirit that it was okay to just jump off, head-first, into His arms forever because in my heart I was ready to and I didn’t want to take any personal liberties I was not entitled to as His child.  I beseeched Him in this regard, with tears.

Abba’s voice through Holy Spirit fervently assured me that, as His child and His heir, there is no such thing as taking liberties to which I’m not entitled.

“You are entitled to everything,” He said to me.  “You are legally entitled to bite and digest the fruit of My Tree of Life and live for eternity.”

Then said Jesus the Christ, “I died to make it so.”

“So jump,” said Holy Spirit. “Jump (into Our Arms) and be not afraid.”

And that is my loving advice to all of you, my friends.  The Godhead can be trusted with ALL OF YOUR HEART in ALL things.  And, underneath, are Their Everlasting Arms. 🙂

Pastor Sharon


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