Fruitful? Here’s the Truth…

A Word of Hope to all Spiritual Mothers…

Strictly Shamma

John-15-2 for 3 Blogs post

God gave me a word about this verse recently.  The enemy was trying to beat up on me regarding not having physical children.  As usual, his grasp is one-dimensional.  Still, it took a while for me to remember this, and Holy Spirit had to come to my rescue (as always) with the truth.

All Manner of Fruit

Thankfully, God is anything BUT one-dimensional.  To say He’s “deep” is so inadequate, it’s nearly insulting.  English is abysmally near-sighted, but it’s the best I can do – short of speaking in tongues – to give God the props and glory He so richly deserves.  He understands the language of my heart, thank God… because I don’t always… and He knew I was concerned about this matter of “bearing fruit”.  He knew I didn’t want to be a foolish servant coming empty-handed before her Master Who’d given her SO much to work with. …

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