Create, Love, and Bless

Before the fall in Eden, it occurs to me that God did three things toward mankind – He created, He loved, and He blessed.

By yielding to sin, we interrupted all of that and, ever since, God has been trying to get the flow of it back on track.  Blessing us is what He’s after, He told me.  If there’s sin in the way of His plan to bless us, then He gently presses upon our hearts the need to repent of that sin.  He exposes it and asks us to repent of it and release it to His hands so that it can be delivered from our lives and destroyed completely.  Then He can bring blessing to our lives, free of sin and shame and its causes.  That’s what God’s about… goodness and blessing and favor, but also exposure of sin and cleansing and purging and deliverance of our lives.  As He has expressed to our hearts many times, He is wholly consumed in our well-being.  That’s so true.

New starts with God are the rule, not the exception.  He wants to keep creating, loving, and blessing in whatever order He pleases.  He wants to keep on being God in fullness in our lives.  By that I mean, He wants the expression of His true character and personality to be known to us His children.  Just like we want our kids, friends, other family, and loved ones to truly “know” us and what we’re all about, God wants that with us towards Him.  We get that desire from Him in the first place, y’all.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that the enemy not only hates us because we are God’s creation, but he is actually jealous of our holdings in God through Jesus Christ. Yeah… isn’t that a blip?  No one twisted his arm and made him rebel against Abba… no one made him refuse repentance and restoration… he did that all on his own of his own foolish, prideful accord; he walked away from all that God had made him and, yet, he has the audacity to be jealous of those who chose the righteous road of obedience to God the Father!

To that, Holy Spirit always says to me – “Beloved, don’t ever expect the enemy to make sense, for it is madness to reject the Favor of Almighty God.  Amen.”  And He’s right, friends.  It is madness… all-out insanity to reject any of the offerings of the One and Only Source of Love and Life and Breath and Blessing and Health and Strength in this or any universe; Jehovah God, our Merciful Heavenly Father.  Period.

I have decided to continue allowing our God to create (do new things), love (increasingly burn within me by His Spirit of passion and intimate fellowship), and bless (saturate) my life with His Favor; with His character being continually revealed to me, elevating my understanding of His fullness and great love and fervor for me and all of mankind.  By and through His mercy, I have decided to allow Holy Spirit to maintain my blessings and enhance my choices in obedience and servitude of God’s Righteous, holy name.  I do not want to get in His way, for God is wholly consumed in my well-being… and your well-being… and His only true desire is to grow us (create), “know” us (love), and BLESS us more and more each day.  Thank You, Jesus.

Pastor Sharon



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