The Most Miraculous TRUTH

I began realizing that all the things I’d heard of God through wise men and women who ardently serve Him were true – ARE true to this day and forever! When the wellspring of His Love became TRUTH in my mind and heart… when I truly realized, understood, and absorbed that I have an ironclad “Hiding Place” in God (I’m mixing my tenses on purpose), I cannot adequately describe the miraculous effect it had on me!


GOD IS THE ANSWER!  And I had been invited to explore and enjoy, to frolic and dance, to LEARN OF HIM and HIS KINGDOM with an irrevocable right to the Tree of Life!  HALLELUJAH!  Do you realize this?

It is a truth GREATER than seeing angels, IMO.  It is a truth GREATER than miracles of healing or domination of the elements.  Realization of God’s Arms available to me at all times in the most intimate, TANGIBLE, and immeasurable of ways is the most powerful, life-changing, transforming TRUTH in existence for anyone, ever!  It’s all mine, and it’s all yours, and it’s all everybody’s exclusively AND simultaneously because of the richness and power of the Glory (intimate Hand of relationship) of Almighty God!

It was like opening a magnificent treasure chest that could never be closed… one that I could leap into with all of my being and discover a whole new world within it, beckoning and blessing my soul.  The best part is it’s NO fantasy!  It is fantastic reality, Saints!  And the taste of it I am afforded every time I see into His realm strokes my ears and eyes with His sweet melodies of Truth and abiding, unchanging, burning, holy, passionate LOVE everlasting!  THAT is the reality of our Father!  That is the Godhead, and the enormous benefit of “seeing” into the realm of our eternal home reshapes my soul into horns of rejoicing and coffers of richness and plenty… ALWAYS!  Amen.

Pastor Sharon



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