Cleansing Gifts

Whatever gifting you have, God will use it to expose and deliver you.

For instance, folks gifted with word of knowledge, word of wisdom will hear words from God that apply to themselves as well as those to whom they minister; often these things are revealed while you’re ministering so you can pray for yourself and them which promotes more of an atmosphere of safety and comfort.

The visions God gives me focus my heart and mind on the things of God so He can bypass the intellect and fear mechanisms, exposing my emotions for deliverance.  Coming into these truths showed me more about Abba’s altruistic heart.

Love is not love unless it is sacrificial.  Everything God does is first and foremost for our certain good, and He never veers off course (like we do).  He is perfect and needs no deliverance; although we’re imperfect, fearful, and often obstinately disobedient to His will, He perseveres in love and benevolent blessing on our behalf and will not be daunted or deterred from His purposes to affect our freedom.

I love the singleness of mind regarding Abba’s desire to redeem us using what ever good and perfect thing at His disposal.  His giftings benefit and delight us and the Body of Christ; they also sandpaper, refine, and cleanse us for use in His Kingdom as mature vessels bringing glory to His Name.


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