Growing in Trust

I came to realize that, as God saw that He could trust my heart with His revelation, He granted me wider scopes of vision.

It’s critically important to note that the trust between us grew as I exposed myself to His Presence, constantly.  I thought about how radically changed Moses became through meeting with God 40 days and nights on the mountain.  My experience with Abba certainly wasn’t as lengthy, but as I closed my doors and lowered my shades more and more, I experienced radical change in every area.  My senses were illuminated, God’s discernment within me soared to new heights… as did His Wisdom.  IT WAS ALL HIM, shining gloriously through me; my part was yielding to His transformation.  Over time, my heart began burning with and for His Love.

Always He healed me with His embrace… I needed (and still need) so much healing!  And, as Freddy Hayler said of our God in Song of Angels , “God is the Source of all life and love and holiness and perfection… to be close to Him is an unutterable ecstasy…”  As the days and weeks passed, I found myself on a new level of love relationship with Him, just because I refused to be distracted by the things of this world (which was HIS doing), and I agreed to “come in to Him” whenever He called me… and that was often.  I no longer merely wanted Abba’s company, I craved it because He was dealing with the “father thing” that had eaten me away in vital places.  I’d been ravaged like a field of sweet corn falling to locusts, and God sought to renew each wearied, battered, and rotting place with His Goodness.  He cleansed the rejected and terrorized compartments of my heart and put Himself in those places.  While I praised Him and focused on my inexplicable adoration and passion for His Presence every day, He dealt with my soul’s heartaches, flaws, and entanglements, deepening and accelerating the process of healing transformation within me.

He heavily utilized His Spirit Realm to accomplish this.  Every vision encounter carried thick application of His Essence in Holiness, setting me apart – not only from the things of this world – but from my sins.  The dregs of their encumbering consequences were dredged up and exposed for my soul’s deliverance.  As I was able to receive His hand on me, some impartations were weightier than others; only God knew the limits of what I could and couldn’t withstand.  He took away boulders at a time as I was willing to release them but, in the more infected and infested areas, He had to peel away each layer with the delicacy of a surgeon so as not to further wound me. 

Condemnation was hot at my heels with every deliverance, and God knew that.  It was Holy Spirit’s job to assure me of this Truth:  “You are NOT your sin.”  God views me only as He created me anew in Christ – lovely and sin-free.  When I came into agreement with this truth it levied sharp censure to condemnation, and the doors of my being were opened all the wider to His ever-deepening deliverance and vision encounters.

At last, He knew that I trusted Him, so He could finally and fully trust me.  The Seer gifting more fully revealed gave way to His tender revelation of even truer purpose that I might know the inner workings of His heart and impart such knowledge to others through the Seer designation also on my life.

But a LOT of marvelous events transpired prior to this.  God keeping me, I’ll back up the train a bit on March 3 to share details of God’s Wisdom and Discernment underlying those events.  (In the interim, some of you may be familiar with my blog titled, “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision”; it’s on Blogger and reveals some of the myriad experiences God has graciously granted me over the years of my growth in Him.  You are welcomed to read and be blessed!)

Pastor Sharon


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