Yielding to New “Vision”

God’s splendid, light-footed angels are a wonder to behold; and there are no “voids” in His Realm.  According to our faith, the fullness of His “face” is revealed in what He has provided for all of us richly to enjoy.

Seeing light instead of darkness was just so new to me it took a while to realize what I was seeing and to know that I should rely on Holy Spirit for its interpretation.  It started as colors, then grew into figures, and finally the awesome beings themselves were revealed amid activity in the holy realms surrounding us… and all while worshiping God.  Whether individually or corporately, the veil was lifted always during worship to ‘draw me in’ to Him.

To say the least, I was amazed.  Being able to tell others of the beauty I was seeing unfold during service and ministry strengthened the Body of Christ all around me, and it especially grew my faith.  Beginning to see glimpses of the Godhead and the angels’ activities delivered me from negative presumptions and dread of only viewing evil for the rest of my life.  Our Lord did it slowly… gently… and with earnest, steadfast intent.  He brought me in as Holy Spirit explained to me what was happening, and He admonished me never to put my own face on what was granted.

The knee-jerk reaction of the flesh is to tightly categorize and box new information, but this was completely “other”.  To drag these encounters down to human imaginings was to spit in the face of God’s benevolent attempts to show me wonders hitherto unknown to my being or my psyche… what a spewing away that would be!  So Holy Spirit delicately urged me to “release the vision” every time intellect confronted me; that way, He had my permission and cooperation to shut down fleshly attempts to ‘analyze’ the angelic beings on wondrous assignment.  I literally had to “let go” of my perceptions and let God take me where He wanted me to go.  I had to yield, and thus began the all-important exercise of strengthening my arms of submission – something that greatly pleased the Father and grew me exponentially in Christ.

I was so vastly enthralled with every tiny step we took, I could not grasp or realize the enormity of gifts and encounters yet to come…

Pastor Sharon


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