His Faithfulness Defeats Our Pain

Due to my bereavement, I had three days off from my job at the newspaper after Ma died.  I barely remember them.  However, a while later it was noted by my City Editor how strong I was during that time.

Within three months, I lost Ma, my car, and my job.  Little did I know that the chain events in loss would make a negative mark on my psyche.  God has recently (within the past two or three years) brought to my attention through His prophets that my emotions were marred with thinking my portion in life would consist of successive negative occurrences.  The enemy sought to carve such lies into my being, but God had other plans.

Beloved, if we lean on Jesus through the storms… the times in life when we feel like dying… He will cause His perfect will and plan to rescue us from all spirits of depression and deceptive enemy trickery.  Just give Him your obedience.

When my mother passed away, I thought I was orphaned, but I wasn’t.  When the newspaper closed, I felt totally displaced, but I wasn’t.  When my car was totaled, I felt like giving up, but I didn’t.  The perseverance in faith was the Lord’s doing within me, and I’m so glad!

The enemy seeks to rerun these tired lies repeatedly in our psyche on his dilapidated phonograph – but we don’t have to listen.  Our Heavenly Father sets out to restore the years the locusts have eaten while they are still fat and burping, headed back to the enemy in empty conquest.  The final say belongs our God, beloved… just refuse the enemy a space or stronghold over your heart, mind, will, or emotions.  With a believing heart, speak words of faith and obedience to God, and your actions will follow.  By God’s power, that’s what I did. Through Christ, you can do the same.

Someone Needs This… Is it You?

I’m lingering on the after-effects of my mother’s passing because the enemy tries to take such cruel advantage of everyone experiencing the vulnerability of mourning.  You’re not alone in the uneasy ways you feel, or the bursts of faith capturing your heart then ebbing again to discouragement.  It also happened to me.  It wasn’t until I decided to set my heart on giving constant place to the will of God for my life regarding spending time with Him that those inconsistencies changed.

Time in praise and worship has to be the priority, dear ones, for us to be maintained and sealed in His overcoming confidence, joy (strength), faith, and the knowledge of His infinite love.  For when we know that we know we are loved, safe, and secure in His goodness and saturating peace, there is nothing the enemy can do to even touch us, let alone steal our joy.

I pray the Father seals your hearts in obedience to His will and plan for you to spend as much time with Him as you possibly can, giving all your grief, crying, laughing, and concerns to Him and sharing with Him the depths of everything within you.  Our lives and whatever happens to us are meant to be shared with Almighty God in all ways, at all times.  When that is the case, He will organize everything else; He will climb every mountain and ford every stream within our circumstances to fortify us with the strength we need to keep going at work or at play.  I declare this truth in the Name of Jesus the Christ, as a living witness to His faithfulness and healing power.


Pastor Sharon


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