Back to Life

More and more my mind went to bigger and better things than missing my mother and feeling alone. I came into a firm realization of how much I enjoyed being alone and not feeling lonely – a phenomenon that only time with God brought about.

I wanted to know God as my Father. I wanted to grow closer to Jesus Christ as my Husband, but I just couldn’t at that juncture. Feelings of loss over my mother and hatred over my earthly father were just too raw and circulating through my new life without either of them.

So I continued growing closer to God through Christian television and even attending local church services occasionally. Time jump started out of the rut of mourning I was in; I began vocational school in preparation for a new job, and used my unemployment checks and savings to put a down payment on a used car.

Life got going again, thanks to Jesus.

(Happy New Year!)

Pastor Sharon


6 thoughts on “Back to Life

  1. I know that you have moved on to this new site but im still trying to catch up before I log onto the new one! Anyhow I believe I am a Seer too and would love to talk to you and be able to share stories and experience so I can know if they are similar.

      • Most importantly, Anthony – The first thing that needs to be established is your relationship to Jesus Christ. Do you confess that Jesus the Christ is Lord? That’s critical to any dialogue between us, as well as your personal testimony of Christ in your life.

    • All of your answers will be found in Christ alone. No one is asking about your spiritual abilities, only about your relationship to Jesus the Christ and, if Christ is Lord of your life, that’s where your answers will be found (and not from deceased ancestors). If you have a close relationship with Jesus the Christ, go into Him with your questions and you’ll receive answers from Him. I remand you to His custody, in His Name.

      • Thank you! I look forward to your future posts. Thank you for your time. Please have a great day!

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