Let GOD Fight the Battles

Friends, even in fighting the enemy in Jesus’ Name, don’t rest your focus on him.  He’s puny, and he’s not worth it.  Let Jesus do the fighting, and you do the worshiping of Christ’s Holy Name with your eyes fixed right on HIM.  That’s what I did, and I don’t regret it.  God bless you.  Amen.


I hadn’t turned my back on yesterday,

a new life opened up before me.

My mother made Heaven her home to stay,

and at first I was desperately lonely.

But then Jesus reached out to me

with the strong hand of God the Father.

I cried on His shoulder every day

but He let me know it was no bother.

The Lord, He received me

from grief, He relieved me

and I started drying His shoulder.

He showed me His angels,

oppression He strangled,

and in my Faith I became bolder.

Knowing He’d never leave me

nor would He deceive me,

I stood against satan each day.

I spit in his face and felt no disgrace,

deciding that I’d make him pay!

I knew being faithful

to God and not grateful

to man would deny satan’s gloat.

So I remained steady,

my hands were already

gripped tightly around his weak throat.

I looked up to Jesus and forgot those troubles,

I never got out of His boat.

I let HIM deal death’s blow to enemy forces

and, in faith, I re-hit the road.

My mind is on Christ’s love and not on the enemy.

I’m new in His strength and I’m not who I used to be.

HE’LL FIGHT MY BATTLES, if I just keep still…

and I know that JESUS is God!


(Copyright © 11-3-13 by Sharon Joy Gramling.  All Rights Reserved.)

Pastor Sharon


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