Painful truths and a LOVING God

The seer gifting never left me, either.  In gay bars I saw effeminate spirits monopolizing the souls of men and masculine spirits strangling the true beauty of women.  Exaggerated sexual organs on both sets of demons were horrifyingly clear to me through God’s timely, deliberate revelations to my spirit; I knew the same afflictions held my soul captive and were so convincingly deceptive in others that they truly thought they’d been created that way; but they weren’t.  Were they born that way?  Yes… they were born with generational spirits of homosexual oppression gripping their families and being passed along to them at the very point of conception.  I was the same way, friends; I sit in no ivory tower – God had to deliver and free me, and expose and enlighten my entire being to the truth of His innocence and the guilt belonging solely to the enemy and the flesh from the fall of mankind.

That’s the truth of it, beloved.  God is not the author of sin or confusion, ever.  He is not to blame for our decisions to embrace sin and debauchery.  He is not the source of the chiding, abuse, and trickery of the enemy perpetrated against the souls and bodies of mankind.  God is never to blame.

Rejection was the open door to demonic devices in homosexuality gaining ground and playing out in my life.  In truth, I could have closed the door to such temptations, and I considered it many times.  But, as Christ is my eternal Judge and Master, I chose to come into alignment and agreement with the enemy’s deceptions in flattery and perverse needs because I was afraid of never being accepted or truly belonging to anyone, ever. Even though I knew I had my mother’s unconditional love (and thank God I did), somehow, I felt it wasn’t enough.  I needed to do more than placate or even subdue my extreme emotional cravings… I needed to satisfy them and, back then, I hadn’t the slightest clue how.  I didn’t realize that what I wanted… what I desperately needed ONLY JESUS COULD GIVE.  True comfort will never be found in sexual immorality; our needs are only teased, deepened, and tormented there, friends.  Even our own God-given spouses are not meant or made to “meet our every need”… ONLY THE GODHEAD CAN DO THAT.

Believe me, the heart of God yearns for those led astray by the enemy and by the cravings of the flesh.  He has great compassion for all souls seeking Him… and that’s really every soul.  He is the only way to satisfaction. Homosexuality certainly is not the only bondage, but it’s the MAJOR bondage from which I was completely and totally freed, so I know it is possible.  I know first-hand what the Spirit of the Lord can do with a willing soul and a repentant heart.  I lived it, so I know.  By God’s everlasting, outstretched Hand of Mercy and Power in and over my life, I know.

I know because He’s caused me to know, and no matter what it costs me, I will declare the truth of His goodness and power to save until my last breath, in Christ’s Mighty Name.  His words of testimony in me are true and faithful, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.  

God keeping me, next week – The Breakthrough!

Pastor Sharon


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